Friday, April 30, 2010

Annalyn's first time eating cereal

These pics are backward in order but I can't seem to figure out how to switch them around :) Enjoy though!
My BIG Helper all clean and ready for the day!
Cleaning Up - thanks brother!
After Eating
During the Feeding
Before the feeding
So this morning I decided it was time to try out feeding Annie cereal. I know it sounds stupid but I have forgotten almost everything I did with time lines & amounts to feed & development stage ect....
She did really great though for the first time & actually acted like she wanted more after about the first 10 bites. It was pretty funny. I keep looking at her like this little baby but she is defiantly not my little infant anymore. Kurtis wanted in on the action and kept her hand back from her mouth while I fed her (which was actually really helpful) every time I would go to put a bite in her mouth her hand would meet the spoon there.
I haven't blogged for so long that i keep feeling like I can't blog about a current event i.e. Annie eating for the first time...until I catch up on all the other stuff I haven't shared since February. Anyone else feel that way? This is not the case though so don't hold back because you feel bogged down on blogging :) Blake is taking the trailer out for the first time this year tonight for the weekend. Looks like me & the kids will be staying indoors with this December weather. YUCK is all I can say. Well here are the pics from this morning! Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. See, it wasn't as bad as you thought!! CUTE CUTE PICS!!! I love how happy she always is!!

  2. Yea for pictures!! I seriously can't believe how old Kurtis looks and Annie is getting so big too. LOVE that smile. :-) I'm in the same boat of feeling bogged down on blogging. So much happened in March & I even think about posting it all I know I'll never have the time. so Amen! and I think I'll use your post as inspiration and just post where we are now in life and skip the rest for now. :-) Love you babe!