Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Can't wait for Annalyn to come!

I recently had some photos taken from a friend in my neighborhood and they turned out so great! Thanks Tomi! It may look as though Kurtis was the most cooperative kid ever in the photos but it was quite the opposite....Tomi had to brib him with marshmellows and he kept pulling on the back drop :) she is just a great photographer and was able to snap some cool pics at just the right moments. Check out her website at

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fun in Tulsa! Happy Halloween

Enjoying having just one "baby" for the time being... :) Kurtis and I and my Grandma Hoopiiaina went to visit my cousin Natalie & Aunt Carol in Collinsville, OK the end of October for 10 days and had a GREAT time! I loved being with her family and miss them all so much. Kurtis was really good for me and loved playing with his cousins. They probably got tired of hearing him say "That's mine!" which seems to be his phrase of choice when playing with other kids....but besides that I thought he did pretty well considering he's never been around them (that he can remember) and we were staying in a new environment without his toys or daddy. Speaking of daddy we sure did miss him, especially me. He does so much to help with Kurtis and I missed his support while I was away. He stayed home to work & when we got back had surprised me with getting Annalyn's room painted & set up as well as Kurtis' new room, the family room painted & overhead lighting in 2 of our bedrooms (thanks for the help Matt)! It was does pay to stay away sometimes I guess. :) Love you Hun!Aunt Carol, Cousin Natalie, prego me & Grandma Hoop....our girls night out!
We went to a Halloween party at my Aunt Carol's branch in Skiatook. The kids all looked GREAT!
Kurtis had his very first bubble bath experience with Ben in Oklahoma and as you can see he loved it! Guess I'll have to invest in some bubbles....Cute nephew Brayden & Kurtis trick-or-treating at my mom's trunk or treat. We had a great Halloween! We hit up all the family to show off our "scary" pirate & Kurtis got tons of candy, which I have managed to eat most of....good thing I have plenty of room to store it :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fabulous Fall

We love going to Classic Skating - the Bounce zone with Kurtis...especially on $2 Tuesday. It is a great way for him to burn loads of energy & work on his coordination skills! We recently went with Blake's brothers & Kurtis had a blast being THROWN all over the place. It was a riot!

Blake & I took Kurtis to the scarecrow festival at Thanksgiving Point and had a great time. The weather was perfect and he got to go on a hay ride, pony ride, train ride & play in a million different bounce houses! The lines were pretty long but we tag teamed so it worked out great! I got a zoo pass in August and have pretty much used the crap out of it :) We go at least 2 times a month if not more and honestly even though I know our zoo is not the greatest Kurtis doesn't care & I love that every visit is different. I am actually going to the zoo today :) Gotta get it in before the snow hits!

My Aunt Sharon so kindly has offered us jazz tickets twice now and we took her up on them taking in the Jazz pre-games. I took a risk and brought Kurtis not knowing if he would sit through the whole game or not but he did great. He loved how loud it was. He mostly liked watching the Jazz Bear and Jazz dancers...what a boy :) Thanks Aunt Sharon!