Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We enjoyed UEA Weekend too!!

We got to go to the Sand Dunes with Brandon and Ashley Emery and her family which was really fun! The weather was a little chilly but we didn't get rained on and we were very comfortable in our trailer. Kurtis loves going camping too & this will be our last camping trip of the year...
Kurtis got to go four-wheeling with his dad a TON! Blake is always safe with Kurtis and Kurtis loves it. He could stay on the ATV for hours and not get bored...seriously though he could.

I even got in on the action riding in the Emery's Machine -which was smooth sailing - and little AnaLynn seemed to enjoy herself kicking me all along the way. We played games, had smores, and yummy BBQ. On the way home Sunday we even got to listen to conference so all in all great weekend!

Kurtis and I and Jenny, Stetson and LeAnn went to the zoo too and saw the baby elephant. We love going to the zoo and it is especially nice since I have a zoo pass to get in for FREE :)