Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Potty Training Days

Monday was Day 1 of ROUND 2 with potty training Kurtis and I would have to say it was has been a complete success!!!! YEAH!!!!!
I spent the majority of the morning in the bathroom with him which wasn't fun but thanks to my mom I didn't have to take care of annalyn so it was just Kurtis & I & the toilet :) I decided to go cold turkey this time straight to underwear (no nakedness or diaper because I don't want him to get used to being naked & the diaper was a crutch for him) he loves the underwear & after me helping him and urging him to go the first 3 or 4 times he started going in the bathroom himself to go (around noon) which made me literally cry I was so happy :) The rest of the day he went in on his own took off his undies, peed, wiped (? not sure why), flushed & had me help him wash hands. It was great! I even took a chance and put him down for his nap with just undies on and he made it!! 2 1/2 hours got up dry then I took him to the toilet he peed & I gave him a treat :) I did put a pull-up on him for bedtime because Blake wanted to but I am telling you if he wouldn't of cared I would have taken a chance on that too. The next day was a total success so last night he was begging to wear his undies to bed so we thought what the heck lets try it & he woke up this morning dry!
Speaking of Luck Annie has gone a full week with sleeping through the night. We feed her between 9 & 10 then put her down an hour after she eats & she sleeps till 6 or 7 we go in put the Binky in her mouth or bring her into our bed she falls back asleep and then I feed her at 9. I am thanking heavenly father everyday for that because I am so grateful & hope that it keeps up. :)


  1. Congrats on the potty training. It is so nice when they can use the potty all by themselves.

  2. Yipee!!!! I'm so glad you're having so much success with your kiddies. :-)