Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2000 WHAT?!?!

Hey ya'll - so it has almost been a year since I last posted & I thought since I had a minute I would add some pics to the blog. So far 2011 has gone by way quick - I only have 1 goal in mind for the year so far & that is to get me & the kids out to Florida somehow. :) Here are some pics from I thought I would share :) Hope you like them!


  1. Love the pictures. I hope you make it to Florida. I miss visiting with you guys!!

  2. You better get your butt to Florida this year & on the double sista!! ;-) Seriously just seeing pictures of you & your kids makes my heart ache. Oh my GOSH the kids are looking so big!! Annie is Adorable!! She has the prettiest face. I want to kiss it! Kurtis is so handsome, he's such a heart breaker--imagine when he's a teenager! eekk! Thanks for posting these...they make me happy. :-) Be on the look out because I will be posting on pic.s this week. I'm working on a post of just pictures, zillions of them. ;-) Love you

  3. I love that Kurtis is "Prince Phillip" too. We miss you guys! I would love to get together again. We are open most weekend nights. Let me know what you think. You babies are so cute! Kiss them for me.